3 Ways to Avoid a DUI This Labor Day Weekend


3 Ways to Avoid a DUI This Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day is just around the corner. During the holiday weekend, people across the country will celebrate the contributions that workers have made in the United States. Many of these festivities involve alcohol, and if you are planning to attend a party, it is important to avoid getting behind the wheel if you drink.

Chicken and shrimp cooking on at backyard barbecue grill.

Chicken and shrimp cooking on at backyard barbecue grill.


Arrests for drunk driving increase during Labor Day weekend. In 2013, Texas police arrested more than 1,600 people for driving under the influence, according to CBS. A conviction may come with steep fines, a suspended license and even jail time.

If you plan on partying over Labor Day weekend, make sure you avoid drinking and driving. If police do arrest you for DUI, a Dallas DUI attorney may be able to help. At John L. Corn, Attorney at Law, we can answer any questions you have about your DUI charges.

John L. Corn can evaluate the circumstances of your arrest and construct your defense. Call us today at 214-528-4529 to schedule a consultation, and read on for three suggestions for avoiding DUI charges this Labor Day:

  1. Stay Sober

Many people choose to celebrate Labor Day with family and friends. Make a plan for one member of your party to stay sober and act as a designated driver.

If no one volunteers, then step up and take responsibility. This approach ensures that everyone can get around safely without risking DUI or a potentially fatal accident.

  1. Use a Cab Service

A lot of people are reluctant to use cabs because of the expense, but few realize just how costly a DUI can be. In addition to direct fines, there are other costs to consider if police arrest you for drunk driving: legal fees, ignition interlock devices and more.

Cab services are a great way to stay safe, and many people choose to ride together so they can split the fare. Uber operates throughout Florida, and there are traditional taxi services in the Dallas region that can help if you are too drunk to drive.

  1. Avoid the Roads

The best way to stay safe during the busy holiday weekend is simply to avoid the roads. Even if you are sober, there is still the risk of getting in a collision with a drunk driver.

That does not mean you have to avoid the festivities altogether, though. Opt to celebrate at a destination where you can stay overnight, and there will be no need to restrict your Labor Day fun.

Labor Day is a great time to kick back and relax while paying tribute to the men and women who support the prosperity of this country; however, nothing will end the party faster than a DUI arrest. If you are facing charges, contact Dallas DWI lawyer John L. Corn, Attorney at Law.

John L. Corn has tried more than 1,000 cases, and he can build an aggressive defense to your charges. Call us today at 214-528-4529 to schedule an appointment with a DWI lawyer in Dallas.

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