5 Common DWI Defenses


5 Common DWI Defenses

Driving while intoxicated is a serious offense in the United States, and drunk drivers cause a significant percentage of fatal road accidents every year. According to the Texas Department of Transportation, the problem is especially rampant across the state of Texas. In 2011, there were 2,500 DWI-related crashes, which killed more than 3,000 people.

Driving and Drinking


Because of this growing problem, law enforcement officials are working hard to increase arrest and conviction rates. Because of their heightened patrols, though, prosecutors can sometimes wrongly accuse people of DWI. If you are facing DWI charges in Texas, call John L. Corn, Attorney at Law.

We focus on helping people who are facing various criminal charges like DWI. We have extensive experience handling criminal cases. In fact, Dallas DUI attorney John L. Corn has handled 2,500 DWIs and 2,000 felony cases.

Even if you believe the charges you are facing are not serious, call us today at 214-528-4529 to discuss them. We can arrange a meeting to review possible outcomes and develop a defense strategy.

Here are some common defenses that the courts acknowledge in DWI cases:

  1. Dures

Many defendants claim that another individual gave them no other option but to drive their car and thus did so drunk but under duress. This could be under threat from a hijacker and at gunpoint, for example, and it is possible to claim that you believed your life was in danger unless you drove the vehicle. According to Texas Statutes, this may be a sound defense to prosecution.

  1. Necessity

Much like duress, some people claim they drove while under the influence out of sheer necessity. A common example is attempted efforts to save an injured relative, with the defendant having no other option but to drive him or her somewhere for emergency medical treatment.

  1. Mistake of Fact

Mistake of fact is another possible criminal defense approach, according to Texas Statutes. Defendants may claim a mistake of fact, which means they honestly did not believe they were drunk at the time of the incident.

  1. Entrapment

If a police officer tricks you into driving drunk, it is possible that you can argue entrapment. Under these circumstances, you will need to prove that the officer did indeed trick you and that you would not have driven under ordinary circumstances.

  1. Spiked Drinks or Involuntary Intoxication

If you were unaware that you were consuming alcohol before getting behind the wheel of a vehicle, it is possible that you could argue involuntary intoxication. This is often a valid defense for individuals who have consumed spiked drinks or punch that they did not believe contained alcohol.

If you are facing DWI charges, you do not have to face the judicial system alone. Call Dallas DWI lawyer John L. Corn, Attorney at Law at 214-528-4529 to schedule an appointment with an experienced attorney today. With the right defense, the courts may reduce the penalties or possibly drop your charges altogether.

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