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Texas Man Pleads Guilty in DUI Case That Resulted in Death

Back in October of 2011, a Texas man killed a woman after he lost control of his vehicle and collided with her, head-on. He was under the influence of alcohol at the time of the accident.

The accident happened when 33 year old Brandon C. Davidson lost control of his 2011 Dodge Ram. After losing control, he drove into the wrong lane and hit a Toyota RAV4 head-on. The driver of the Toyota RAV4 was 36 year old Lauralee M. Widmer of Louisiana. She died as a result of the accident.

Davidson had just pled guilty to a DWI homicide charge as of August 6, 2012. He faces several years in jail for his conviction.

Drinking and driving can greatly impair your ability to drive. In this case, Davidson claims that he slept prior to getting behind the wheel after drinking whiskey at a local bar. However, even sleep doesn’t help to get the alcohol out of your system any faster. It is important to make sure you have a designated driver to take you home if you plan on drinking. Otherwise, you may find yourself in legal trouble or even worse, cause injury or death to another person on the road.

If you were in an accident due to your driving under the influence or driving while intoxicated, call a Dallas, Texas DWI attorney.

Another Football Player Arrested for DUI

Last week on Friday, July 20, 2012, Kenny Britt was arrested for a DUI in Kentucky. He was accompanied in the car by teammate Tommie Campbell and a woman who they were bringing back to her military base.

Britt was stopped upon arrival at the base, where he must go through security gates to get in. Later that day, they had him arrested for a DUI.

This DUI can hurt Britt’s career as a football player for the Tennessee Titans. Although he has a criminal history, he was seemingly straightening out his act, until this had happened. Whatever will become of Britt’s career is still uncertain, however, we can count on the news media and legal blogs to report on what’s to come next.

A DUI charge can greatly hinder a person’s career and lifestyle. It is important that you hire a reputable and experienced DUI attorney should you ever find yourself charged with a DUI. Otherwise, you may end up without a way to go to and from work. You may also end up facing the maximum penalties for your charge.

If you live in the Dallas Texas area and have been arrested for a Driving While Intoxicated, call a Dallas, Texas DWI attorney for a consultation. They will lend you legal guidance, support and representation.

Two LAPD Officers Lie about DWI Arrest

Craig Allen, 39, and Phillip Walters, 56, are both LAPD motorcycle officers that are now being charged for lying about a DWI case.

In September of 2011, Allen and Walters were on-duty over Labor Day when they responded to a call from another officer at one of the DWI checkpoints set up. The officers arrived to the scene 15 minutes after the call was made. Allen had written in the report that he witnessed the driver fail to stop at two different stop signs and then pulled him over. Walters affirmed this.

The details of this case go further, but have yet to come out in the news. The LAPD have since removed the officers from duty without pay. They have also come out with a press statement referring to their disappointment with the officers who had lied about the arrest. The mystery behind this story is sure to come out in court, and in turn, in legal news streams, soon.

Both Allen and Walters are facing charges including perjury and filing a false police report. These charges could put them in jail for several years.

If you feel like have been unlawfully arrested for a DWI offense or that something with your case is suspicious, call a Dallas, Texas DWI attorney for legal representation.

Horse Drawn Carriage Struck by Drunk Driver in Galveston, 1 Dead and 3 Injured

Late Saturday evening, a horse drawn carriage was hit by a 21 year old drunk driver in Galveston. The accident killed one and injured three.

The horse drawn carriage was slammed into at around 11pm near 21st Street and Avenue L. The driver, Michael Shane Grayson, tried to drive off, but witnesses to the accident held him there until he could be taken into custody by officials.

The names of the injured and the person who died are left unsaid due to family preference. As for Grayson, he was uninjured but faces numerous charges including one count of intoxication manslaughter and three counts of intoxication assault. His bail is $250,000.

Grayson will need to hire an experienced attorney, one that is familiar with handling DWI cases of this severity. If he wants any chance of avoiding the maximum penalties for his actions, hiring an attorney is his best chance.

If you are being charged with a DWI and other related charges, hire a Dallas, Texas DWI and criminal defense attorney. They will represent you with professionalism using their experience and knowledge. It is your best chance at avoiding the harsh punishments that come along with a DWI and wide range of associated charges.

3Doors Down Bassist Arrested after Accident for DUI

The 3 Doors Down bassist Todd Harrell was arrested for a DWI on Thursday. His DWI arrest was made after he caused a car accident that resulted in serious damages to the vehicles.

Harrell was given a blood test so that officials could prove that he was under the influence of alcohol or narcotics of some sort, after he had caused the accident. The accident happened early Thursday morning after Harrell smashed his Cadillac into the back of a truck on Lemoyne Boulevard in Mississippi.

Darryl Thibodeaux, 44, was taken in for medical attention after complaining of neck and back pains. Otherwise, no serious injuries occurred. However, Harrell was taken into custody at the D’Iberville jail. His bond was set at $1,000.

This accident and DUI arrest aren’t the first legal troubles that Harrell has been mixed up in. It would be wise for him to hire a reputable DWI attorney for representation or he may face serious penalties.

A Dallas, Texas DWI attorney has handled many DWI cases that have ended in an accident. They will be very knowledgeable of how to go about representing and building your case if you were in a similar situation as Harrell’s. Don’t hesitate to call as soon as you find out you’re being charged with a DWI. They will try to fight your charges and have them lessened or dropped. They can also try to stop you from having to face the maximum penalties.

Marshawn Lynch NFL Star Running Back Arrested for DUI

Saturday morning wasn’t a good one for pro NFL football player Marshawn Lynch aka Beast Mode. He was arrested upon suspicion of a DUI.

The Seattle Seahawks football star had been pulled over after nearly colliding into multiple vehicles. Officials then gave him field sobriety tests, in which he failed. He was then ordered to take a blood test which has been sent out to the lab.

Lynch is no stranger to legal trouble. He faced weapon charges a few years ago which had him suspended from playing football for several games. He may very well be suspended once again if the lab results show that his BAC level was over 0.8% and he gets charged with a DUI.

Should Lynch be charged with a DWI, he will immediately need to hire a Dallas, Texas DWI attorney for legal guidance. With his past criminal history, the courts may not be to light on him. An attorney may be able to help him tremendously.

Not only will Lynch face legal trouble, but he could get suspended from football. This won’t be a good thing for him or his team.

Regardless of your occupation, being charged with a DWI is never something that you should try and handle yourself in court. Hire an experienced Dallas, Texas DWI attorney for representation.

Dallas Police Officer Arrested for DWI and Hit and Run

On Monday July 9, 2012, a 25 year old Dallas Texas police officer, Erica Montanez was arrested for

a hit and run accident. When arrested, she also admitted to consuming three Cosmopolitans at

The accident occurred at around 8:30pm as she left the North Park Center restaurant. The driver  that she hit was driving a black Mercedes and claimed that Montanez went straight through the intersection when she was in a left hand turning lane. She then plowed into the Mercedes and kept drive off recklessly. The driver was able to see Montanez pull into a gas station at the Knox/
Henderson exit where she was arrested.

Montanez will be charged with a DWI and a hit and run. The owner of the black Mercedes can  also go after Montanez for compensation to damage she caused to the vehicle. Its cases like these that prove that even police officers may need a criminal defense and DWI attorney at times.

Montanez not only faces several charges, but she may even lose her position at the Southeast Patrol Division. She will need to hire an experienced Dallas DWI attorney if she wants to refrain from facing the maximum consequences for her actions.

Motorcycle DUI Arrests are Rising all across the Nation

It is only the first week of July and already this month has brought us a ton of DUI arrests by motorcyclists. Driving under the influence, Driving while intoxicated, and  Operating while intoxicated is dangerous no matter what vehicle you drive or how you address it. Simply put, motorcycles cannot protect you like a car or enclosed vehicle can.

Near Lake Placid on July 3rd, a man crashed his motorcycle after driving under the influence of alcohol. The 22 year old man, Samuel F. Adams, was also carrying a small amount of marijuana on him when the police arrived at the scene. He was charged with 2 misdemeanors.

A New York woman was flown to the hospital July 1st after crashing her motorcycle. She lost control around a bend and injured herself severely. She is now in stable condition and will be facing DWI charges when she gets out of the hospital.

A motorcycle accident in Minnesota resulted in an accident with a deer. After the collision, 51 year old Dale Osmonson and his 39 year old passenger Tammie Friborg, were flown from the motorcycle into a ditch. Both suffered minor injuries but Osmonson faces 3rd degree DUI. He could face up to a year in jail.

There were many more DUI arrests this week and unfortunately, many of them resulted in accidents. If you were arrested for a DUI on a motorcycle, please call a Dallas, Texas DWI attorney immediately before you are sentenced with the maximum penalties.

DUIs Are Higher around the Fourth of July

Dallas, Texas knows that when the 4th of July is near, so is the higher percentage of DUIs. According to statistics by the Texas Department of Public Safety, DWI arrests were around 1,400 last year.

Since the 4th of July brings many DWI arrests and even many accidents, it is important that you find a designated driver if you plan on drinking. Nevertheless, if you end up drinking and driving and are arrested by the police for a DUI, call a Dallas, Texas DUI attorney for representation.

DWI arrests are plentiful any time of the year, but seeing as the percentage of DWIs goes up around the 4th of July, police officers will be out patrolling in full force. It will be very hard not to get pulled over around the holiday if you had any amount of alcohol in your system.

A DUI attorney will be capable of representing you successfully. They understand the nature of holiday DWI arrests in Texas and how an officer is quick to arrest at this time of year. An attorney will review your police report for any discrepancies in the incident. They will then do whatever they can to have your charges or sentencing reduced.

Drunk Driver Kills Three People in Car Accident on I-45

At around 1:30 am Sunday morning, a man drinking and driving caused a head on collision that took three peoples’ lives. The drunk driver also suffered injury.

Two days before this latest head on collision, a similar accident happened. However, it was this latest one that caused fatalities.  The victims included 27 year old Dominique Hobbs, 47 year old Stephen Isbell, and 43 year old Edward Blackwell. As for the person injured, their name and condition have not been released.

The name of the drunk driver that had caused the accident has been kept under wraps. However, it is almost certain that family members of the deceased victims are sure to seek compensation for their losses. They should find it relatively easy to get the compensation they seek, considering that the person who caused the accident was obviously at fault because of the DUI.

As for the offender of the accident, they will want to hire a very experienced and well known Dallas, Texas DUI attorney if they would like any hope at having their DUI charges from that night reduced. A DUI attorney will know exactly how to go about representing you in the most successful way they know how.

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