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John L. Corn has been defending the residents of Collin County, TX, for 28 years. He is experienced in various areas of the law and has had a successful career so far.A good criminal defense attorney is not easy to find. The reason Mr. Corn has had so many cases ruled in favor of his clients is because he evaluates each case individually and presents a realistic outcome. He’ll be straight with you and let you know what is possible in your case.

A Case by Case Basis

It is a known fact every case that is filed in court will have a different outcome. The reason behind it is there are different circumstances for each case in Collin County, TX. This makes it necessary to handle every case with a personal touch. When we speak of criminal law, there is seldom a straightforward answer to what’s going to happen in court.

Why Hire Jon L. Corn

If you review John’s profile, he has had many cases ruled in favor of his clients.Besides his 28 years of experience in Collin County, TX, his experience is in a vast array of verticals, although he is great in criminal law, and he is also known to be a good DWI Lawyer. Mr. Corn enjoys a high success rate and respects his clients. He makes sure their representation is completed in the best possible manner and there are no loop holes left in the case.

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  • John is the epitome of under promise and OVER deliver… I called Mr. Corn on a Sunday night after my arrest and Mr. Corn spent 45 minutes to an hour with me on the phone without asking for a dime. He was not pushy asking for my business and just told me to give him another call if I wanted him to represent me for my DWI. The result of my situation: DISMISSED. I would recommend Mr. Corn without question.

    ~ Mike P.

  • I found Mr. Corn through a friends recommendation. John has impressed us with his in-depth knowledge of the law and we are truly glad that we found him. Thank you Mr Corn for your professionalism and hard work.

    ~ Dawn D.