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Fight a Domestic Violence Charge With a Dallas Assault Family Violence Attorney

Dallas Assault Family Violence LawyerFamily violence assault is one of the most common assault charges in Texas. A family violence assault charge is similar to other assault cases except that the victim is related to the assailant by blood or relationship such as marriage. The penalties for assault family violence can be severe and include significant jail time and you will want to work closely with a Dallas criminal defense lawyer.

Assault Family Violence Defined

Assault family violence is generally defined in Texas to include any act of assault that someone commits against a family member, household member, or a current or past dating partner. Victims of assault family violence can include your children, spouse, parents, girlfriend or boyfriend, and even potentially a roommate. Some common types of assault can include:

  • Causing bodily injury to another person
  • Threatening another person with bodily injury
  • Creating provocative and intimidating physical contact with another

Prosecutors will need to show that you intentionally and knowingly engaged in these acts.

Penalties for Assault Family Violence

Assault family violence charges are usually characterized as Class A misdemeanors. Someone convicted of the crime could face jail time and other penalties. However, if the defendant is a repeat offender, that person could face a third degree felony charge and significant prison time.

However, the criminal penalties and threat of jail time are just a small portion of the actual penalties that you may face if convicted. For example, someone convicted of assault family violence may face:

  • Deportation or denial of lawful permanent resident status
  • Loss of professional licensure such as the ability to practice law or engage in certain trades
  • Loss of ability to legally carry a firearm
  • Harm to your family law and relationship to those closest to you

One of the most important tasks for your Dallas Family Lawyer is to determine if any of the jurors might have any bias against you. Few other things will sink your case faster than a jury that is not objective. Read this slide deck to find out how to identify and exclude any biased jurors.

Contact a Dallas Family Lawyer

If you have been accused of domestic violence, you will want to contact experienced counsel. Family violence charges oftentimes involve he-said/she-said with very little evidence. To learn how a Dallas family lawyer can help you, contact The Law Office of John L. Corn, P.C at (214) 771-8911.

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