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Alcoholic Drink and Car Keys

Alcoholic Drink and Car Keys

A drunk driving arrest is no small issue and can lead to incarceration, a criminal record, fines, compulsory alcohol education classes, higher insurance premiums and license revocation. Many jurisdictions are cracking down on drunk driving, imposing stiffer fines and stricter penalties, and Texas is no different. Don’t let this happen to you. Take immediate action to obtain representation by an experienced DWI attorney and take back control of your life. John L. Corn is ready to put his 28 years of legal experience to work for you to limit the impact that your DWI arrest may have on your future. Don’t let one bad decision ruin the rest of your life – retain John L. Corn as your DWI lawyer today.

Key Factors for Planning Your Texas DWI Defense

No one plans on getting a DUI/DWI. One drink too many can cloud your judgment, making you think that driving home is still a safe option. Unfortunately, a small mistake could cost you for years to come. John L. Corn will thoroughly investigate your case, questioning the probable cause for the stop, breath or blood tests, and arrest procedures. For example, identifying police mistakes during the administration of a standard field sobriety test can get you off the hook completely by demonstrating that the test wasn’t administered in the required manner. After all, it falls upon the state to prove that you failed the test due to drugs or alcohol use, and not because you were tired, suffering from a health condition, or many other possible reasons. You need an experienced DWI lawyer to discover what is, and is not, possible for your defense; and to then present that defense skillfully before a court of law. Don’t let a DWI conviction affect your life negatively for years to come. You need an attorney working to defend you, and you need it as soon as possible.

There Is No Time to Waste: DWI in Dallas

If you are facing a DWI charge you only have 15 days from the date of your arrest to prevent yourself from losing your driving privileges for up to 2 years. You must request an Administrative License Revocation hearing (ALR) within those first 15 days or your license will be suspended automatically. Filing the paperwork on time will get you the hearing that you need, but you still need to defend yourself against the case that the Department of Public Safety will make against you. You need an experienced DWI attorney during this process if you want to have any realistic chance at protecting your rights at the hearing, and this is the only the first stage in a larger court process. Securing legal representation immediately is the key to regaining control of your situation and will allow your lawyer enough time to plan the best possible defense available for you.

The John L. Corn Difference

With 28 years of experience serving the Dallas community as a defense lawyer, John L. Corn is the veteran attorney you need representing you in this difficult time. He has handled over 6,000 criminal cases, taking over 1,000 to trial; with an excellent track record of achieving victory for his clients in DWI cases over the course of his career. Convenient bi-weekly payment options are available along with an affordable one thousand dollar flat fee covering the initial investigation and court appearances. John L. Corn will represent you zealously and tenaciously and ensure that your rights and liberties are protected throughout the process, while also limiting your exposure to DMV Sanctions and Auto Insurance premium increases. He knows the courts, he knows the system, and most importantly he knows how to win.

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  • John is the epitome of under promise and OVER deliver… I called Mr. Corn on a Sunday night after my arrest and Mr. Corn spent 45 minutes to an hour with me on the phone without asking for a dime. He was not pushy asking for my business and just told me to give him another call if I wanted him to represent me for my DWI. The result of my situation: DISMISSED. I would recommend Mr. Corn without question.

    ~ Mike P.

  • I found Mr. Corn through a friends recommendation. John has impressed us with his in-depth knowledge of the law and we are truly glad that we found him. Thank you Mr Corn for your professionalism and hard work.

    ~ Dawn D.