Beating a Dallas DWI Charge

When facing any serious criminal charge the success or failure of your defense will depend first and foremost on retaining the services of an experienced attorney to represent you in court. While the challenge might seem daunting to a layman a DWI lawyer knows many ways to undermine the case that the state prosecution will be bringing against you. The burden falls upon the state to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you are guilty of the crime that you are being charged with. Time is of the essence however, the more time your lawyer has to investigate the arrest report, analyze the methodology of the field sobriety test and gather the necessary evidence to present your defense, the better your chances of success in court will be. If all else fails, a well negotiated plea agreement can be the difference between a simple probationary period and retention of your driving privileges, or large fines and possible jail time.

Attacking the Field Sobriety Test

One key method of defense available to you when presented with a DWI charge is identifying police mistakes during the administration of a standard field sobriety test. By demonstrating that the test wasn’t administered in a properly standardized manner, it is possible to completely undermine this key aspect of the prosecution’s case against you. The burden of proof falls upon the state to prove that you failed the test due to drugs or alcohol use, and not because you were experiencing fatigue, suffering from a health condition, or many other possible reasons. Another factor to consider is how much the state will be relying on breathalyzer readings alone. In Cox vs. The State of Texas, the Court of Appeals ruled that relying on a PBT alone was not sufficient alone to sustain a conviction. This places the burden on the state to prove the reliability of such devices and presents opportunities for skilled lawyers to undermine their results. By examining the unique details of your case, an experienced DWI attorney may be able to find these kinds of angles to have your charge thrown out entirely.

Comprehensive Strategies for Successful DWI Defense in Texas

Defending DUI cases is an uphill battle but not an impossible one by any means. Through the use of expert witnesses from the scientific community your blood alcohol level can be called into serious question by attacking the reliability of the instruments or testing methodology. Field sobriety tests are routinely beaten by skilled attorneys, as not every field test is scientifically valid. In addition there are possibilities of demonstrating insufficient probable cause for the initial stop, an improper search, or failure to properly administer Miranda warnings which can defeat the state’s case against you completely.

John L. Corn Has Helped Thousands of Clients in Dallas, Texas

John L. Corn has handled over 6,000 criminal cases in the Dallas area, taking over 1,000 to trial. He has an excellent track record of achieving victory for his clients in DWI cases and is well versed in the many subtle nuances of DWI law that can make or break your case in court. Take back control of your life without delay by hiring John L. Corn for your Dallas DWI case and rest easy knowing that you are in the very best of hands.

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