Texas Attorney Gets Arrested for DUI, but Is Held on Other Pending Charges


Texas Attorney Gets Arrested for DUI, but Is Held on Other Pending Charges

A Texas attorney was arrested over the weekend for a DWI. She was then held for other impending charges including embezzlement.

When Michelle Lorenz Valicek was arrested, her BAC level was three times over the legal limit. However, that isn’t what kept her in jail. Valicek has been accused of embezzlement among other serious charges for spending over $500,000 of her deceased grandmother’s inheritance.

Valicek not only faces a DWI charge, but she is being held on 16 felony counts of misapplication of fiduciary property and theft.

According to criminal records, Valicek has been charged for a DUI before. Her bond was set at $100,000 and her court date is set for September 10, 2012.

Although Valicek is an attorney herself, she will need a very experienced Dallas, Texas DWI and criminal defense attorney to represent her in court. The charges that she is facing are felonies, meaning that jail time is more than likely inevitable.

Should you ever run into legal issues involving a DWI arrest, call a Dallas DWI lawyer. Valicek’s case doesn’t necessarily revolve around her DWI charge, but it is what led her to being held on a $100,000 bond.


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