Texas Man Crashed Car and Arrested for DWI


Texas Man Crashed Car and Arrested for DWI

Joshua Carpenter, a 28 year old Texas man was found inside his flaming car on Saturday night on Interstate 10. When he was pulled from the car, officials arrested him for driving while intoxicated.

Carpenter was found easily as his car was up in flames from hitting the interstates center barrier which then sent him across the interstate and into another vehicle. Both drivers were uninjured, but property damage was suffered.

After Carpenter’s arrest, he was posted a $1,000 bond for causing the car accident and having a BAC level of .15%. Carpenter will face serious legal consequences for his actions.

Being charged with a DWI is never something that you should face without a Dallas, Texas DWI attorney, especially when you have more than just a DWI charge. When you cause an accident because of your negligence, you’re bound to suffer the maximum penalties.

Having a Dallas, Texas DWI attorney represent you will be a wise decision. They can try to have your charges and consequences reduced. They will build a strong case and try to plea bargain with the courts.

DWI’s are very serious and even more serious if you happen to cause an accident because you drove under the influence. If you ever get arrested for a similar situation to Carpenter’s case above, call a Dallas, Texas DWI attorney immediately.

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  • John is the epitome of under promise and OVER deliver… I called Mr. Corn on a Sunday night after my arrest and Mr. Corn spent 45 minutes to an hour with me on the phone without asking for a dime. He was not pushy asking for my business and just told me to give him another call if I wanted him to represent me for my DWI. The result of my situation: DISMISSED. I would recommend Mr. Corn without question.

    ~ Mike P.

  • I found Mr. Corn through a friends recommendation. John has impressed us with his in-depth knowledge of the law and we are truly glad that we found him. Thank you Mr Corn for your professionalism and hard work.

    ~ Dawn D.