What to Expect from a Possession of Controlled Substance Charge in Texas


What to Expect from a Possession of Controlled Substance Charge in Texas

Drug crimes are a serious concern for the state of Texas. According to the Texas Department of Public Safety, police arrested more than 120,000 people for drug possession in 2012, which represents a 5.3-percent increase since the previous year. Over the same period, arrests for the sale and manufacturing of drugs increased by 3.3 percent to 14,344.
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It is clear that Texas law enforcement personnel are fighting a tough battle against drug crimes across the state. If you are facing charges for possession of a controlled substance, you should take the situation seriously.

At John L. Corn, Attorney at Law, we represent clients facing criminal charges, including those for drug crimes. John L. Corn has 28 years of experience in criminal law, and he has tried more than 1,000 cases. He can assess your charges and the circumstances surrounding your case to craft a defense that represents your interests.

Call Dallas DUI attorney John L. Corn today at 214-528-4529 to schedule an appointment, because the best way to achieve a positive outcome is by turning to skilled legal professionals. Read on for more information about drug charges in Texas.

Handling Possession of a Controlled Substance Charges

Every state handles drug charges and classifications differently. Texas Statues classify a wide range of drugs, including heroin, cocaine and marijuana, along with a variety of the compounds that manufacturers use in their production. As such, it is possible to face drug-related charges in the state of Texas even if police do not find you in possession of the finished products.

The state of Texas divides controlled substances into four groups depending on their danger, probability of addiction, potential for abuse and if they have any established medical value. If police arrest you on charges for possession of a controlled substance, it is important to establish which Texas statue applies to your charge.

A criminal lawyer can assist you with this process. Once you have established the severity of the charge, you can begin to understand the consequences and possible penalties.

What are the CDS Penalty Groups?

Texas laws divide penalty groups for controlled dangerous substances into groups called 1, 1-A, 2, 3 and 4. Each group carries with it increasingly harsher penalties, including fines and possible jail time.

The Texas Health and Safety Code outlines which drugs are included in each group, and the severity of the penalty will depend on the quantity you had in your possession when police arrested you. Certain groups, such as group 1-A, which deals only with LSD possession, make distinctions between abuse units, while others make distinctions in the amount of grams.

Do not take a chance if you are facing drug charges in the state of Texas. The penalties are harsh, and the judicial system is unpredictable.

Call Dallas DWI lawyer John L. Corn today at 214-528-4529 for advice. At John L. Corn, Attorney at Law, we handle a wide range of criminal matters, and we can evaluate your charges and advise you on how best to proceed.

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